Thursday 6 September 2012

Taking the first steps...

Welcome to ‘The Brooding Designer’. This blog will chronicle my search for a greater understanding of the ‘black box’ we call video games.

Games, as you may know, can come in all shapes and sizes. But, no matter how simple they sometimes may seem, they can still be counted among the most complex forms of media. They usually contain very different elements; Narration, user interaction, sensory information, and feedback are only a few of the most common ones. To understand each component individually, you would have to master a dozen different disciplines.  

While at first this may seem impossible, there are a lot of amazing people out there who can take all of these ingredients and combine them into an extraordinary experience. This delectable combination is made possible by a wealth of previous experiences, leading to an intuitive approach to design. Many other people however, don’t have access to this much desired ‘key’ that can open the mysterious ‘black box’ that we call video games.

In my own experiences I have seen many glimpses of what lies within the box, and I want to share these glimpses with you. However, even though I myself have been playing games for most of my life and have been designing (educational) games for a while now, there are still many questions that haunt my thoughts at night. So, I invite you to join me on my search to open the black box, and maybe together we can successfully navigate the dark depths that we will find within.

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